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Legal Strategy and Appellate Advocacy
from Filing Through Appeal

Trial/Appellate Services

The Law Offices of Collyn Peddie

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Collyn Peddie formulates and implements trial and appellate strategy, writes and argues dispositive motions, and handles original actions, interlocutory appeals, post-trial motions and appeals in state and federal court.

Collyn partners with trial counsel, advising them on venue and other pre-filing issues, developing legal strategies for filing and responding to important motions, teaming with co-counsel at trial, handling bench conferences, evidentiary challenges, charges and charge conferences, motions for directed verdict, JNOV, and new trial, interlocutory appeals, mandamuses, and appeals and other original actions at all levels, including writs of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.

Why do I need an appellate lawyer when I'm the one trying the case?

Appeals are won or lost in the trial court. By the time a case arrives at an appellate court, the arguments, objections, and motions made are set in stone. The legal strategy has been determined, whether consciously or not. Often, good arguments that might have made the difference between success and failure on appeal are waived because they were never made to the trial court. Trial counsel may have inadvertently foreclosed critical options to gain a momentary advantage. Involving an appellate lawyer early in the case to devise and implement a legal strategy and position the case for potential appeal can often prevent these sometimes fatal and unnecessary errors.

Motions can be your ground game too. Defendants use motions to reposition the case, trim unnecessary or dangerous claims, seek reversible error before the trial ever begins, and generally to wear out the plaintiff's lawyer before trial.  Affiliating with an appellate lawyer early allows you to undercut distracting defenses and streamline the case and evidence to maximize your chances of winning both a trial and on appeal. And while he or she is attacking the defendants' case, defense counsel has no time to attack you.

Even the finest advocate can be overwhelmed.
Overburdened trial lawyers may short-change the legal issues in a case in favor of witnesses and evidence or be overwhelmed by the opposition.  When you partner with an appellate lawyer, he or she can bring to the legal issues in a case the high quality of advocacy you will be freed up to bring to the facts and evidence.  

Appeals require different skills than trials do. Appellate judges are persuaded by meticulous research, incisive analysis, creative lawyering, and effective writing. They rely on briefs more than argument.  Appellate counsel provides these skills, intimate knowledge of often confusing rules, awareness of trends in courts, upcoming issues, judge's predilections, and crucial objectivity trial lawyers may lose in the heat of battle. At oral argument, experienced appellate lawyers know that jury arguments do not work. Instead, appellate judges demand crisp, straight answers to their questions. Using an appellate lawyer who understands the demands of this different tribunal and who can become, in effect, an extra judge on the panel, enhances your chances for success on appeal





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