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To see Collyn in action before the Texas Supreme Court, Congress, or interviewed by the National Law Journal, hear her argue before the U.S. Supreme Court, or read her articles and briefs, click on the following links: 

Collyn's oral arguments, Congressional testimony, articles, and briefs (audio of oral argument in Goodyear Luxembourg v. Brown  (webcast of oral argument in Entergy v. Summers) (webcast of Senate Judiciary Committee testimony) (written testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on preemption) (Committee Report including responses to post-hearing questions from Sens. Grassley and Leahy) (petition for writ of certiorari in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth in the United States Supreme Court) (amicus brief for the California Medical Association in Wyeth v. Levine in the United State Supreme Court) (Collyn's opinion piece on Iqbal in the August 2010 issue of TRIAL) (Collyn's May 2010 article on TCPRC Chapter 95 with Benny Agosto)  (Collyn's TRIAL Magazine article on "full contact" appellate practice)

http:// (Collyn's article on Judge Brown) 

News and Information about Collyn Peddie (National Law Journal video interview of Collyn Peddie on Goodyear Luxembourg v. Brown (article on Bruesewitz case) (article on Bruesewitz case) (article on Bruesewitz case) (Westlaw Journal analysis of Bruesewitz cert. petition) (The Judicial View analysis of Bruesewitz) (Texas Lawyer cover story on Entergy v. Summers argument) (Texas Lawyer article on Entergy decision) (news report on Entergy case)

http:// (press report on Senate testimony) (news report on Senate testimony) (article on Third Circuit vaccine preemption decision) (CPR whitepaper on preemption) (news story on parental notification statute)

http:// (article on new AAJ Appellate Practice Litigation Group) (Pound Institute forum on preemption)

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