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Innovative strategy. Exceptional advocacy. Unshakable values. 


The National Law Journal has selected my petition for writ of certiorari in Tembenis v. Sebelius as its  "Petition of the Week"

Look for the May 14, 2014 article  on the National  Law Journal website,


Collyn Peddie 
believes that the injured individuals and companies  she represents in civil lawsuits deserve a tenacious, hard-working attorney with uncommon judgment, extraordinary writing and oral advocacy skills, irreproachable ethics, and respect and compassion for her clients.  These values have earned Collyn the confidence and trust of clients from Fortune 100 companies to petrochemical workers, from the chief justices of the nation's highest state courts to teenagers facing the biggest crisis of their lives.  

Drawing upon her rich and unique experience as a successful trial and appellate attorney for both plaintiffs and defendants for more than 32 years, Collyn knows that winning a civil lawsuit today requires more than a great closing argument.  Without an integrated legal strategy from the start and a seasoned advocate to implement it throughout the case, even the most meritorious and straight-forward claims may be doomed to fail.  

Partnering with trial counsel, Collyn devises creative and often ground-breaking legal strategies early in a lawsuit, then combines her extraordinary writing ability with well-honed courtroom skills to implement them, to free co-counsel to focus on witnesses and evidence, to insure a seamless transition to appeal, and to
maximize the chances for a successful resolution.  Her solid record of victories on appeal, whether in politically "unwinnable" appeals, complex, billion-dollar lawsuits involving issues of national importance, or lawsuits that mean the difference between a lifetime of care and compassion for  injured workers or bankruptcy, attests to her talent, courage, and vision.

Innovative strategy. Exceptional advocacy. Unshakable values.   Collyn Peddie brings all three and a passion for justice to her cutting-edge practice.  Imagine what she could bring to yours. 

The Law Offices of
Collyn Peddie
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 *No responsible attorney can guarantee results and Collyn does not do so. 

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